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1. How can I post classified on Klist?

Posting a Classified is completely free. And there is no charge if you sell your item on Klist., Posting is easy. Simply follow the instructions below: Click "Post Classified" in the top navigation bar on all Klist pages. Chose a category for your Classified. Chose a category type (offer or need) according to your selected category Enter a title, locality, description, search keywords and price (if applicable) You have the option of uploading maximum five images each up to 4 MB. If your classified looks ok click the "submit" button or click "back" to go to previously visited page.

2. Can I post a Classified in multiple cities?

Klist is designed for local trading. We intentionally do not enable you to post your classified in multiple cities simultaneously. Please post your classified in the city - or closest city - where you or your item is located.

3. How much does it cost to post a Classified on Klist?

Klist is a free service and does not charge you any fees for posting classified . Go ahead and enjoy it. All classifieds are subject to meeting the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

4. Do I have to register to post a Classified?

No, you do not need to register to post a classified on Klist.

5. How do I reply to a Classified?

Replying to a Posting is just a Click away, you can contact the related person by clicking on their email links and can also reply by clicking on the Reply to Classified . Your reply will be sent to the related person by email.

6. How do I edit / update Classified that I have posted?

To edit your postings, you must sign in with your username and password. Then, click on "My Settings" to enter your account. Now Go to “My Classified” Link and select your Classified and click the "Edit" icon to edit your selected Classified.

7. How do I delete the Classified I have posted?

To delete your Classified, you must sign in with your username and password. Then, click on "My Settings" to enter your account. Now go to ‘MyClassified” Link and select your classified and click the "Delete" icon to delete your selected Classified

8. How do I add pictures to my Classified?

When you are on the "Post Classified" page, click the "Browse..." button which appears under the Images heading. Select a picture file from your computer's hard disk and click "OK". The picture will then be uploaded and attached to your Classified. You can add up to five pictures using the same process; the Picture should not exceed 4mb. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words, so including one or more with your Classified will increase your chance of getting several replies.

9. Why was my Classified removed from the site?

There are several reasons why a posting may have been removed from the site including: The Posting violated our Privacy Policy.Users flagged the Classified as being spam or offensive.The Classified was posted in multiple cities. (Klist is about local stuff, so ensure you only post in your city.)The Classified was removed automatically after its set expiration date

10. What is the lifespan of a Classified in Klist?

The Lifespan of a Classified posted on “Klist” depends upon the Categories in which you are posting your Classified. The Categories and life span of the classified posted in them are given below:

Categories Life span of a classified posted ( in Days)
Buy & Sell
Autos & Bikes
11.How can I get better responses for my Classified posted on The Klist?

To increase the chance of getting a good response, follow these simple tips include one or more pictures in your Classified. Make the title and description as detailed as possible. For example, when selling a product include its brand, model number, condition, and features.Always use right spellings in your classified content to make your Classified more search friendly. Make it easy for buyer to pick up the item; let them know where the item is located and when you will be available. Tell your friends about Klist. The more people who use Klist, the more responses you'll get!

12. Where can I see my posts? 

To View your Postings, you must sign in with your username and password. Then, click on "My Settings" to enter your account. Now go to “My Classified” Link to view your Classifieds posted

13. What is Subscribe? 

We have introduced this facility in which you just need to give us some of your details and requirements and we will keep you posted on the latest updates of that Product/Service/Event etc

14. Why do I need to subscribe? 

We at klist.com understand the value of your time; we are offering a free service where you will be updated regularly through mails about any latest happenings on klist.com of the things you are interested in

15. Is it safe? 

We do care for your safety, your personal details will be kept completely confidential and at any point well not be misused or transferred to anyone. Our Subscription system is one of the best and is completely secured

16. How to subscribe? 

Follow these simple Steps to subscribe to klist.com:

  1. Fill in the necessary details such as Name, Email, Mobile no, Interest fields etc
  2. In the interests field type the name of product, service, event etc. E.g. Cars Audi, Coaching science, laptop Used
  3. Click on submit to proceed
  4. Check for the verification mail in your mail box
  5. Click on the activation link to activate your subscription